Welcome to Brinkerhoff Real Estate


You can search the Lawrence MLS database here, but I suggest you do searches for fun, to satisfy your curiosity, to become knowledgeable about the market, and to gain insight into the variety of offerings that come along from time to time. But when you are seriously wanting to buy, call a Realtor, preferably me.

Here's why: The best properties- best location, or value, or style, or most unique- for whatever reason, the most desirable, will sell very quickly. Unless you search the MLS repeatedly, all day, every day (like I do) you could miss out on the best of the best.

Or, you can contact me, and I will set up a unique MLS interface just for you, so that you will be automatically notified the INSTANT a property comes on the market that meets your specific criteria.  That's fast.

I have helped many buyers get the property they really wanted because they were first in the door.

Because I have 36 years of experience in real estate in Lawrence, I can also be a big help to sellers.  Knowing what buyers want, and how much they will reasonably pay to get it, is the other half of what I do.

Thanks again for visiting my site.  Bookmark it and come back often.  And feel free to contact me any time.  785.766.3000.


Cory Brinkerhoff, Broker